The Centre for Rehabilitation at Radiant Superspecialty Hospital helps individuals to overcome their health disabilities and achieve optimal health.

All rehabilitation programs are coordinated with the rehabilitation teams who are involved in the patient’s care, with the aim of providing the highest quality of life to the patients.

The rehabilitation Centre of Radiant Superspecialty Hospital is well-equipped with specialised systems to aid in assisting the Rehabilitation team to deliver a comprehensive treatment program in the best possible way.

We also have a specialised Neurological, Rehabilitation system which helps patients recovering from stroke and other neurological conditions to walk in an assisted manner.

This comprehensive Rehabilitation regimen can help the patient to maximise and regain normal muscle movement and function after a stroke or for neurological conditions such as:

– Parkinson’s disease

– Multiple sclerosis

– Spinal cord injury

– Head injury

– Balance dysfunction

– Bell’s palsy

Rehabilitation Centre


Rehabilitation is a crucial component to regain full function after surgical procedures. It reduces the risk of re-injury and further complications. It also helps you to gradually return to your work, recreation, and competitive sports more successfully. In this programme, our therapist will provide one-to-one guidance and exercise prescription to each patient. We provide post-operation rehabilitation for common Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery(Angioplasty & Bypass) procedures

The Rehabilitation team at Radiant Hospital understands the debilitating effects of Neurological , Neurosurgical & Cardiologocal conditions and are committed to helping patients attain near normal function after impairment.


Directors 01










Dr. Arpita Govind Rathod
Bachelor’s in physiotherapy – Nashik MUHS,
Masters of physiotherapy – Aurangabad
Specialisation: Orthopedics (Musculoskeletal sciences)
Work experience: Assistant lecturer in Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon 1 year 9 months.

Clinical experience 3 years


Handled a variety of case including

  • Neurological Condition
  • Musculo-Skeletal Condition
  • Cardiologocal  Condition
  • Geriatric Condition
  • Pediatrics Condition
  • Cardiovascular Thoracic surgery (CVTS)

Article & Paper Publication

  • Apr-Jun-2018 – To Compare The Immediate Effect Of PRT(Position Release Technique) Vs Tens On Pain In Trapezitis International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research (IJAMSCR)


Dr.Neha Kukreja Mudwani
2014- Bachelors In Physiotherapy – (Dr.Ulhas Patil College Of Physiotherapy Jalgaon)
2015- Fellowship in geriatric physiotherapy care- (Dr.V.V. Patil Foundation College Of Physiotherapy)
Specialisation: Geriatric
Work experience: 2.5 yrs


Handled a variety of case including

  • Neurological Condition
  • Musculo-Skeletal Condition
  • Cardiologocal Condition
  • Geriatric Condition
  • Pediatrics Condition