The mission of the Pediatric Unit is to provide for the medical, psychosocial, and developmental needs of all children and their families in a safe and nurturing environment. The Pediatric services department provides family-centered care which invites parent participation and decision making in the care of their children.

The Pediatric Unit employs a multidisciplinary staff specifically trained in the medical, emotional and developmental needs of children. The Pediatric Unit provides specialized equipment in a range of sizes and special technology and monitoring systems designed specifically for children. We are equipped with technology and personnel to handle all major diseases. We have ultramodern equipments and infrastructure on par with the other hospitals. The neurology department is fully equipped with video EEG, portable EEG, and we use these facilities in the Pediatric department all the time for our patients.

Other facilities include:

Specially trained nurses for children

Services Provided:

Department of Pediatrics:

Well Baby Clinic


Out-patient clinics

In-patient facilities for pediatrics medical conditions.


Pediatric services are related to the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. A pediatrician can also specialize in certain medical fields related to children.

To take care of children, a pediatrician will

Perform physical exams

Give the child vaccinations

Make sure the child meets milestones in growth, behavior, and skills

Diagnose and treat the child’s infections, illnesses, health problems, and other injuries

Provide information about the child’s health, nutrition, safety as well as fitness needs

Answer questions about the child’s development and growth


A pediatrician is a medical expert with exceptional skills and training in the diseases and illnesses that tend to affect the health and development of infants, children and teenagers. Pediatricians have a vast knowledge of various ailments that can affect children’s health, behavior, welfare, as well as education. They also understand how different illnesses and conditions relate to each other. Some pediatricians undergo general training while others specialize in areas like neonatology which involves treatment of newborn babies along with extensive newborn care. Other areas include cardiology (heart diseases) or development and behavior etc.

Why a Child Needs a Pediatrician?

Some of the reasons why a person should prefer a pediatrician over a family doctor are:

Pediatricians have special training in children’s health.

Since they only deal with children in their practice, they tend to have a lot of experience in recognizing as well as treating childhood illnesses.

If a child is born early or has a health condition that requires close monitoring, a pediatrician can offer more specialized care as compared to a family doctor.

Diagnose and treat the child’s infections, illnesses, health problems, and other injuries

At Radiant Superspecialty Hospital (RSH) is one of the finest childcare hospital in the Amravati today “Where Children Come First”. Our Pediatrics and neonatologist experts specialize in treating newborn problems, adolescent issues, congenital anomalies. We are a one-stop destination for childcare services that include pediatric and immunization services for children up to 16 years.

The Department of Pediatrics at Radiant Hospital is committed to providing a broad clinical expertise in all aspects of pediatric medicine. It is dedicated to the highest quality patient care, research, and educational activity devoted to improve the health of children.

Our pediatric specialists, award-winning nurses experts provide the foundation for the long and illustrious tradition of excellence in innovative patient care, professional education and community involvement, as well as in clinical/translational and basic biomedical research.

We specialize in

Foetal and new-born care

Asthma and other respiratory conditions

Pediatric heart conditions

Childhood epilepsy

Food allergies and digestive disorders

Diabetes and renal conditions

Our skilled pediatrician combines the latest advances in treatment and technology with a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to care for children through routine and complicated procedures It is our foremost objective to ensure that your child receives the best possible care. In Radiant Superspecialty Hospital we commit to provide health care to Newborn & children with utmost love & care children being future of our Country.

Scope Of Services

Newborn Care.


Adolescent care.