Radiant Superspecialty Hospital (RSH) Pharmacy offers medicines round-the-clock, through their 24-hour service.

Quality is the cornerstone of our existence. We have gained experience in operations management over the last 3 Year and are committed to delivering best service in the industry.

Radiant Hospital’s Tie up Pharmacy team offers both a comprehensive pharmacy service to take care of the medication needs of patients at the hospital.

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A pharmacist is always available to answer your questions.

Convenient locations in AMRAVATI

We accept most insurances and have great pricing options!

The hospital pharmacy is responsible for dispensing medications and compounding intravenous fluids to hospital patients. The hospital utilizes a computerized billing system to assist with the safe delivery of medications. These systems allow for drug interaction checks, allergy checks, and the availability of most medications directly to patient care areas.
Radiant Hospital Pharmacy tie up for establishing safety standards for patient use of medications.

Radiant Superspecialty Hospital (RSH) is committed to provide world class health care to our patients, in the field of Cardiology, Neurology & Neurosurgery , Gynecology and Pediatrics . to provide better services to our patients.

Other Feature

Our pharmacy can directly provide medications to our indoor patients at theirs bed to reduce inconvenience of patients relatives.

Billing facilities in our pharmacy is totally computerized for better clarification.

For expiry drug management all near expiry drugs are returned to the vendor.


To establish guidelines for pharmaceutical services and to ensure compliance to the requirements of standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.


The pharmacy shall ensure availability of all the medications, as given in formulary, consumables and disposables in adequate quantity, that are required to meet hospital and patients requirements within the scope of hospital services.

pharmacy shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations these shall include following.

Food and Drug Act

Drug licenses as per the schedules

Valid registration of pharmacy

certificate of pharmacist shall be available & displayed all time in pharmacy

purchase Function

License for methylate spirit

Material safety Data sheet/clear signage for all hazardous materials.

Pharmaco-Therapeutic Committee

To regulate and control functions of pharmacy, the hospital has constituted a committee named as a pharmaco-Therapeutic committee.
The committee formulates policies of pharmacy functioning, exercises control over implementation of policies, established formulary.